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Young Diplomats Club of San Francisco
Special Events

Za Vstrechu!
Private Vodka Tasting, Hors d'oeuvres, Prize Drawing
August 2009

Legend says that a toast is vacant without vodka. One may capture the moment of communion and cheer with a classic Russian toast.

Za Vstrechu! This toast is a way to celebrate the importance of friendship and companionship, no matter the distance that may come between you. In Russia, vodka is a national treasure. And so when we enjoy vodka, It is not about mere consumption but commemoration.

After all, a toast is a moment of communion, bringing people together, looking at the person in front of you. That is why we look in each other’s eyes when toasting. It is often said when you look someone in the eye, you are looking into the Russian soul: a compelling, mysterious part of Russian culture that has been the driving force behind many a great 
(if long) novel, and many a great (if longer) night.

San Francisco consular corps members recently gathered for caviar and blinis, American and Russian vodka, and friendship between nations. Hosted at the Russian Consulate General by The Hon. Vladimir Vinokurov, Consul General, YDC Honorary Chair, Alexey Dobrinskiy and his consular colleagues, the YDC enjoyed a lively evening of cultural diplomacy.


Consular members enjoy the special themed martini drink of the evening called a "Sexy Alexey", made of cranberry juice, lime juice and vodka.
German, Spanish and Egyptian members: Bettina Hobler, Maria Jose Benito Fernandez Mayoralas and Lauren Quinn, practice toasting.
Egyptian Consular members try their hand at a game of pool with Eva Noskova , Corporate Sales Manager of the Sir Francis Drake Kimpton Hotel, who provided a complimentary door prize of a one night stay at this historic San Francisco property.
Caviar anyone? Protocol Professionals, Inc. team member, Donna Turnauer, offers delicious hors d'oeuvres to The Hon. Taras Barniak, Acting Consul General of Ukraine and newly arrived Russian Consul, Andrey Savushkin. Enjoy the vodka! Nazdrovia! (To your health!)
As anyone who works with the consular corps knows, we must sadly bid farewell to those who return home. The Hon. Ahmed Seif Elnasr, Commercial attache is returning to his native Cairo, Egypt. He bids a warm welcome to his replacement, The Hon. Mohamed Elkhatib and his lovely wife, Nada Badran. We will miss you, Seif! Thank you for your warm heart, cheerful spirit and enticement to come to Egypt.

Master Chef, Carlo-Alessandro Cavallo, owner of Sonoma Meritage Martini Oyster Bar and Grill, provided the delicious catering with beluga caviar, homemade blinis with creme fraiche. The favorite vodka of the evening seemed to be "Charbay", made in St. Helena, Napa Valley, California.



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