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  September 11th, 2001
Condolence Messages From Our Friends Around the World

I join my professional protocol colleagues, who have spent much of their lives trying to make our world more civil, more tolerant, and more peaceful; in extending our sympathy to all those affected by the September 11th tragedy. We are ever mindful that the work we do in international relations continues to be of vital importance but in light of the recent events, it seems like our efforts represent a mere drop in an "ocean of insanity."

As President Bush stated so eloquently at the National Cathedral, in times of adversity we see ourselves more clearly. So as we self-reflect, I also realize that "profit" comes in many forms and that the most meaningful rewards are often intangible. Our most cherished reward has been the support and commitment from our families, friends, colleagues and clients, who share these higher ideals. We are renewed in our commitment to reach across cultures to achieve greater understanding and we will continue to carry the torch of global understanding in the hope of making a better more peaceful world.

In Germany, 200,000 of our European friends were singing "Amazing Grace" at the Brandenburg Gate.

In Great Britain our friends honored us in this time of mourning at the Changing of the Guard.

In Norway and in front of American embassies throughout the world, hundreds brought flowers to honor the thousands of innocent victims of terrorism.

As we join in our universal commitment to these ideals, I would like to share with you, our visitors, a few of the heart-warming messages of condolence we have received from abroad. We hope it renews your spirits as well. Thank you for visiting our website.

Sherri Ferris
President and CEO

Condolence Messages from Around the World




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