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Ambassador in Moldova
"To all our American friends: We feel with you and share your sorrow!!!"

Businessman in Rome, Italy
"We have never seen such a massive outpouring of warmth, affection and solidarity for Americans as exists today throughout Europe."

UN Official in Bosnia
"I hope you, your family and friends are all safe. All this news is so sad."

European Diplomat in Israel
"We hope you are all well after that Armageddon that came over the world yesterday. We can still hardly believe what happened, even after all the violence in our own region.

Russian Diplomat
"Our thoughts are with all our American friends right now who must have gone through terrible times. Please give word that you are all OK and let's stay in touch now in these hard times.

For the past several days almost everywhere in Moscow all you could hear were the expressions of shock at the news that came from New York and Washington and of outrage at the inhumanity of these terrorist acts, words of compassion for the innocent victims and their families.

Such tragic loss of life at the hands of blind fanatics, such feeling of sudden vulnerability and insecurity, such vengeful, but in the end rather futile, emotions are known all too well in Russia.

Our hearts go out to those whose existence has abruptly ended on September 11th in the flames of the "holy war" and to their loved ones. At the same time I sincerely hope that none of you have experienced the loss of a relative or a friend on that day.

International terrorism need not have any future and will not have it, if we stand fast, stand together and act wisely - remembering that every action is usually followed by an adequate reaction and that people that have nothing, but their ideas to lose will resort to desperate measures."

German Businessman
"Everybody here is shocked about the horrible news from Sept. 11. My thoughts are more than ever in America in this moment. But you are right that it shouldn't hinder us to continue to build cross-cultural bridges."

Our city offered the children of our sister city in America to come for two weeks to us to recover from this shock. Also many employees of companies here collected money and sent it to families of victims in the US. In our cathedral was a mass to honor the victims; there were coming so many people -specially young people- that hundreds had to stay outside the church."

Professional in Warsaw, Poland
"We hope you and your family are safe. We want to express our deep compassion regarding what had happened to you and other Americans! We, our families, friends are really in deep shock. I may say, that - after what have happened in USA - we have realized what your country really meant to us and how many things we indebted you. After the attack, we have lost the feeling of security - the security and peace that your country was fighting for -on behalf of all of us. In this peace - thanks to your country - we could comfortably live and work to develop our countries. This is first time I could see fear and pain in hearts of my relatives and friends.

On the other hand we could see how many people were moved and shocked - around the world. That means there is still a lot of love and faith that make all of us one family - standing for the better civilization. Please take care and may God bless you, your family and your country."

Canadian Professional
"First, let me say how sorry I am about the horrendous events of yesterday. Our prayers and thoughts are with all Americans. I do hope nobody you know was affected."

Canadian Diplomat
"We want to take this opportunity to send our sincere sympathy on the recent series of horrendous events that have occurred in your country. We hope and pray that those responsible are found and justice is served. We are deeply saddened and sickened by the fact that so many innocent lives were lost in such a cruel way. However life most go on as so should we, so let us pray that the following year will bring peace, and happiness to the entire world."





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